One of the fascinating things about photography is it allows the person behind the lens to share their perspective, point of view, allows them tell a visual story, and evoke emotion. The ability to do these things is important to our youth, especially young women  who aspire to be visual story tellers.

This is why in Spring of 2017 we will be conducting our first Create Louder Point of View Photography Workshop. This workshop will be for girls 14-18. It  will give them the basic knowledge of photography (composition, lighting), but it will also cover the impact of visual story telling,  importance of perspective in photography and in real life situations, as well of the power of images. The seminar will take place in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA.

There is only one thing missing that we will need your help with. If you have a functioning camera that you would like to consider donating for our workshop, we’d be ever so grateful. We are in need of at least 20 working digital cameras and these cameras do not have to be DSLRS. Or, if you do not have a camera you can donate but would still like to contribute to our workshop in some way, please consider making a monetary donation to help with toward the purchase of a used camera for the young women in attendance who  are unable to supply their own cameras. You can make a monetary donation by simply clicking the donate button below. If you do have a camera you’d like to donate, please email us at holla [@]