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Why the Arts Matter to Our Youth
3 years ago

Why the Arts Matter to Our Youth

Art, just like us humans, have gone through an evolution. Art was once a necessity, for years paintings and drawings were the only means of communication from generation to …
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When Women Take Over the Media…

When women take over the media, will what we see in the media change? Maybe. Maybe not. The She is Me Program and Girls Like Me will be …
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Really MTV?

First is was “16 And Pregnant”. Now “Skins” ? So where do you draw line when it comes to promoting promiscuity in young people? Or maybe you don’t.

Callling All {Black} Girls & Girls of the World Who Rock!

I am a Black girl. My life is important. I am the continuation of a history, legacy, and tradition of powerful people. The lives of my foremothers now have meaning …
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America the Beautiful..Is America Obsessed with Beauty?

When you get a chance be sure to check out this film “America the Beautiful” by Darryl Roberts about self-image in the United States.

What do you think of …
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Girl Power:

Photo Credit:

Your success is right at your fingertips!

Meet teen entrepreneur Ashely Qualls, the founder/CEO of Check out this feature on her and …
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Still No Hope for Images in the Media..

Sometimes it seems as though the more “noise” we make regarding the images of women, the worse the images become. Granted, women and teen girls may not be the …
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What you see is not what you get

Here is a great article from about airbrushed images of models in magazines:

Calling for advertising rules to be changed to restrict the use …
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