College Readiness

College Tip of the Month: “Girl, Get Your Money Right”

5 Tips For Preparing for Financial Success When You Get to College1. Don’t sign up for a gazillion credit cards.Be very weary of the credit cards! During your …
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Interested in the Field of Communications? Here is a Scholarship Opportunity!

The Ryan Cameron Foundation ScholarshipThe Ryan Cameron Scholarship is formally regarded as the Phyllis E. Parker scholarship in honor of a dear friend who played an integral role in Atlanta …
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A Peek into the She is Me Career Media/Journalism Seminar in Washington D.C. Part III

Meet Charreah Jackson! From working with to profiling news makers like Spike Lee and Sarah Jessica Parker, Ms. Jackson will bring her experience, wisdom, and lessons from her …
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College Tip Of the Month: Summer School

There is nothing wrong with going to Summer school…at all. While you are in school during the semester you will probably think to yourself, “I can’t wait until the …
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College Readiness Tip of the Week: Study

A really good tip that I received from one of my professors when I was in College was to not only read the material before class, but to read the …
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College Readiness Tip of the Week: Scholarships

Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Many people think that once you have applied for or received one scholarship, you are done with the scholarship search, but …
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