Create Louder She is Me Program
Art, just like us humans, have gone through an evolution. Art was once a necessity, for years paintings and drawings were the only means of communication from generation to generation. Centuries ago, it was a way to tell stories, it became a way to relay information when being able to understand the written word was only a luxury. Art then became something of wonder, a gift for one of a select few to harness.
From then until now, the benefits of creating art, especially for young adults, were realized. To create art, in todays world, does so much more. Art helps envision dreams, pay thanks to leaders and mentors and process emotions that some how can not be explained by simple words. To be able to properly explain the elation,terror, doubt or sorrow within us is such a strong asset to harness and should be encouraged in todays youth. Proving this coming generation with a coping mechanism such as art is one of the best gifts we can provide.  What once was looked at as a beautiful skill is now placed on the sidelines for todays youth.
Today’s world does not offer a place for teens to destress and help facilitate self-discovery like art does.  Art acts as an escape and is free of criticism. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating. For a teen, in today’s society, to be able to express without ridicule is the best gift we can offer to them. For a teenage to be active in an Arts and Humanities program with help them become accountable, resourceful, it will help them think outside of the power and it will build their confidents in ways that a parent could only hope for their child.
In schools in The United States, Science programs are statistically given 5x more in federal funding budget than Arts and Humanities programs. Studies have also shown Arts and Humanities programs help improve test scores. Allowing teens to have an outlet in Art programs whatever concentrations it may be such as music, art, theater or writing helps them grow as individuals as well as keeps them accountable in their responsibilities such as attendance as well as grades. There is direct correlations with schools who have mandatory Arts and music education programs rank consistently among the highest for math and science test scores this can be seen in countries such as Japan, and the Netherlands.– Erin M.L.