Let’s face it. As much as we love to hate reality television, it is not going anywhere. And there is not much we can do to make the quality of reality TV better–or is there? There IS something we can do my friends!! 🙂 Friend and supporter of She is Me and NAACP award winning actor Kaira Akita is on a mission to enrich our entertainment experience with her new production company Reality Revolution.
 Reality Revolution is a media & social action company that creates entertaining, provocative, and inspiring reality TV and social action campaigns that put women, minorities, spirituality, and complex social issues in a fresh new light. RAISING ROSES, their first reality show in development, will transform the lives of teen bad girls and we will hold our first event(s) for teen girls in 2013. In Raising Roses, a super team of fabulous, self-made women join forces with a celebrity host to go toe-to-toe with teenage bad girls and transform them on all levels. 
This project need OUR support..and when we GIVE we GET :).

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