For the longest women and girls have had to convince society that we CAN be both intelligent and beautiful. That is exactly why The She is Me Program, Inc™ has launched the
Pretty Smart Campaign™.
Meet Shalee Forney…

SIMP: During your time at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, what is one of the biggest lessons your learned about college?
SF: One of the biggest lessons I learned about college while being at UNC-G was the value of diversity. Looking around and seeing a very diverse community made you appreciate life more. Some of us are used to being confined within our own communities, but college allows you to broaden your horizons. I learned that the world is not black and white, but multicolored. It has became something that I have grown to appreciate. I can say that it prepared me for the real world.

SIMP: Tell us about the work you do with Project Tomorrow?
SF: Project Tomorrow will consist of preparing young people for a tomorrow by instilling HOPE for a tomorrow. Some have grown to believe in having to become a product of their environments and do not believe in a tomorrow. My goal is to give them something to look forward to and to encourage them to believe in a tomorrow. Whether we are here or not, tomorrow will come. By doing so, there will be an encouragement for education, intense mentoring, volunteering, “after-high school” programs, and work related training. Things that will give young people courage and ways to look forward for tomorrow and how to prepare for their future.

SIMP: What do you think makes young women “Pretty Smart”?
SF: I think the inner-man or in this case, the inner -“woman” makes a woman pretty smart. Being a beautiful person on the inside first and having a heart to serve and help others. Also, having a drive and motivation to pursue anything that you set your mind to.