For the longest women and girls have had to convince society that we CAN be both intelligent and beautiful. That is exactly why The She is Me Program, Inc™  has launched the Pretty Smart Campaign™.

 The Pretty Smart Campaign™ showing the world the there is beauty in intelligence! 
Meet  Entertainment Attorney Evita Kaigler, she’s Pretty Smart™!
Below is an interview that was done on our partner website
Have you ever met someone (virtually or in person) and within just a few moments, instantly got inspired or empowered? Well, I have and that is exactly what happened to me when I met (virtually) Entertainment Attorney Evita Kaigler. Evita is a combination of beauty, wisdom, and drive. Whenever I meet someone who intrigues me the way Ms. Kaigler does, I am always thirsty to know what it is about the person that makes them so dag on fabulous and what it is about the person that makes their liight shine so bright that you can not help but be attracted to it. Read Evita’s recent interview with “The Fabulous Do Gooder” and become inspired….

TFDG: At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be an attorney?

Evita Kaigler: I made the decision to be an entertainment attorney when I was 17 years old. I was always an “artsy” kid; singing, dancing, and writing at every chance. Whether I was any good is a different question! Hahaha! I was also very bright in school and worked hard to make sure I received good grades. Doing well in school was never an option for me; which I think came from a fear of disappointing my parents who sacrificed a lot to provide me with the best education. It was at 17 years old that I found myself reading a few books about the music industry in search of trying to become the next young “superstar”. That’s when I came upon Donald Passman’s book All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Seventh Edition “All You Need To Know About The Music Business”. It changed my life. Donald Passman is an entertainment attorney; an occupation that I didn’t know existed. His position was very powerful to me because he really did know everything about the music business! Donald Passman was necessary to the music business and I wanted to be NECESSARY in the music space too! All I wanted was to make music happen in my own special way … this was it! Merging my love for music with my academic skills was the perfect combination for becoming an entertainment attorney. t is now 11 years later … I’m here to stay and continue working my way to owning the entertainment law space.

TFDG: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming an attorney but, feels that she is “too old” to begin a new career as an attorney?

Evita Kaigler: God’s will is absolute. If becoming an attorney is a piece of your purpose on this earth, it’s already done. Step out on faith and take the actions to make it stick.

TFBG: Describe your relationship with music…

Evita Kaigler: Wow, I’ve never been asked this question! I am a music lover. I am a music addict. I am a music nerd. I am a music advocate. Music is in my soul and under my skin. If I close my eyes in silence, I can still hear the music … it’s always with me. Music is a living and breathing thing to me. It is to be loved, respected, and nurtured. I care about its well being and strive everyday to protect its integrity. The feeling that I get when I hear a great piece of music is something that I can’t really put into words. However, I can say that music is a gift from God and that the power of music is a real force that shapes this entire world.  Music is the one thing that I spend most of my time with. I spend a lot of time working,planning, and creating … music is always a part of the setting. Also, the work that I do contributes to making music happen in some respect. I could go on and on about my love affair with music but I think you get the point … I’m absolutely consumed in and driven by it.

TFDG: What are some causes that are dear to you?

Evita Kaigler: I’m an advocate for at risk youth. I spend time volunteering with organizations that cater to serving our youth; including serving as a volunteer attorney for youth who have issues at school. I believe that each child has the ability to change the world and it’s the responsibility of society to make sure that each child has the resources to positively shape their reality. In 2008, my family struggled to cope with the untimely death of my my 17 year old nephew. No family should ever experience that kind of pain, ever. There were three young men who were sentence to life for my nephew’s passing. The day of their sentencing was also very difficult for me; I felt an unbelievable sadness for them. I felt that the world had lost 4 lives; each which had the ability to change the world but wasn’t given the tools to do so. I feel like the world let them all down.
Now, I spend time with at risk youth making sure that I give my time and resources to help them to shape their reality so that they can be a contribution to the world.

TFDG: What is a fabulous quote that you live by and why?

Evita Kaigler: I have two amazing quotes that I live by! Don’t make me pick just one! The first comes from Gandhi “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I absolutely live by this! Overall, I wish that people loved others more. So, I walk in love. I wish that people would respect others; no matter their own personal beliefs. In turn, I respect all people. I wish that people would practice true self love more. As such, I love who I am and the skin I’m in and treat myself accordingly. I wish more people understood the power of integrity. So, I make integrity an across the board principle. And the list goes on. I think that people fail to realize that they can create the very change that they desire by starting with SELF. Gandhi’s quote helps me to be the very best me … it’s always a work in progress but it’s progress nonetheless. The second quote, I made up myself. Hahaha! “No one can make me or break me, I’m already made”. I live and breathe this quote. It keeps me strong even when it appears that I stand alone. When you navigate life knowing that God is the only decision maker, you are set free to become an absolute force! There are times when I get angry or afraid; however, all I have to do is say to myself “no one can make me or break me, I’m already made” and it gives me peace. It’s the best feeling. Go ahead … say it a few times and see how you feel!

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